Which Bookmaker?

With the huge amount of choice for online gamblers these days, it’s not surprising that it can get a little confusing as to which bookmaker to join and bet with. Whether it be for sports, casino, slots, or any other form of betting, you want to join a bookmaker that suits your needs, and be safe in the knowledge that your account is secure.

This guide will help you make that choice, by giving you some pointers of what to look for.

Honesty, Integrity, and Security

Surely the most important of all factors is that you trust the company you are dealing with. This goes without saying. While there are a great deal of respectable online bookmakers to choose from, there will always be sites that are difficult to use, have bad customer service, and generally make betting a bad experience.

Betoffers has scrutinised and tested all bookmakers that we deal with, and assure our readers that only the best bookmakers suitable for UK based punters are covered on our site, and have proved to run highly professional betting sites, with good customer service, and customer security made a priority.

Going with a household name

Many people looking to open a betting account online will go for a name they are familiar with, and we can totally understand why. Many bookmakers were plying their trade on the high street and racecourse long before the invention of the internet, and this in itself has made them market leaders online, due to their familiarity to the general public.


Ladbrokes – Opened their first licenced betting office all the way back in 1961 and became the first ever bookmaker to offer fixed odds football betting. Employing over 12,000 people, Ladbrokes operate over 2400 betting shops divided between the UK and Ireland, making them the largest betting company in the UK.

They are household names to both gamblers and non gamblers, and have become one of the most popular online bookmakers due to this.


William Hill – Another bookmaker you can’t fail to notice on the high street. William Hill are known as Britain’s 2nd bookmaker and as such, quality is assured. With just over 2300 betting shops in the UK, employing 14,000 staff worldwide and being online since 1999, William Hill is a great option for online gamblers, covering every betting market you can think of and offering a website constructed to a very high standard.

These bookies are just a few of the many respectable places to bet online. Have a browse around the Betoffers site to be sure of picking up the very best betting offers and bonuses as well as our further guides on making the most out of bookmaker promotions.