Accumulator Betting Guide

Accumulator bets are among the most popular wagers placed by punters, and it’s easy to understand why. For a relatively small outlay, winnings can be absolutely huge in comparison, and we have all read stories of gamblers hitting the bigtime for a bet that was placed with just pocket change.

Everyone loves an accumulator! A very simple bet indeed, and one that can give huge returns if you have a little bit of luck on your side.

As the title suggests, an accumulator is an accumulation of selections placed in one bet, and all selections have to be correct for you to win your bet. The number of selections and the sport or mixture of sports you choose is completely up to you.

An accumulator consists of just one bet, so there are no multiple stakes to worry about. Most bookmakers minimum stake is as little as £0.50p, so they are a great way of placing a bet which could pay handsomely for a very small stake.

It goes without saying that the more selections you choose to add to your accumulator, the more your potential returns will be, but of course, your need for a little bit of luck will also increase.

The key to winning large accumulators is to put many ‘banker’ selections into your bet. Regardless of the sport you choose to place the bet on, short odds winners clubbed together in one bet can turn a small stake into a huge win.

One of the biggest wins ever on an accumulator bet was placed in 2012 by a Maltese punter who staked just £0.85p and correctly predicted the result of 19 football matches. The return? A mind boggling £585,000!

That is the appeal of this kind of bet. All online bookmakers offer accumulators of all sizes, and it’s just a case of clicking on your selections, choosing the stake, and then hitting the ‘place bet’ button.

Bookmakers know that accumulators are a very popular bet, and many offer bonus incentives to place your bet with them. Whether it be a 5% winnings bonus or your money back if you have just one loser to soften the blow a little bit, there is always some kind of bonus to be found with this type of bet, and Betoffers will always let you know of these fantastic promotions.

Place your accumulator bets today, and who knows, you may be collecting one of the biggest wins of all time! You’ve got to be in it to win it, and the inexpensive nature of these bets make it a hit with punters all over the world!