A Guide To Multiple Bets

Multiple bets are very popular with casual punters and big hitters alike. The nature of multiple bets prevents you from losing all of your money when one of your selections loses – you have covered your options and still have the chance to make money from your remaining selections.

There are a huge range of multiple bets available to the punter, and this guide explains the most popular bets and exactly what they entail.


A yankee consists of 4 selections and comprises of 11 bets with the breakdown of:

  • 6 x doubles
  • 4x trebles
  • 1 x fourfold

A yankee bet doesn’t provide full cover, as singles are not included in this bet. Therefore a minimum of 2 winners are required to achieve a return. Three correct predictions would make a winning return  on two doubles and a treble. All four winners would make all 11 bets a winner and return a handsome sum if the odds on your picks are good.

The appeal of this kind of bet is that is that a loser or two still leaves you with the chance of a return. It may be the case sometimes that your full stake is not recovered, but any return has to be a good one if a complete loss is avoided.

As with all bets, you choose your own unit stake. Therefore a £1 win yankee would cost £11, a £2 yankee would cost £22, and so on.

Lucky 15

A lucky 15 is very similar to a yankee, but single wins are also covered, therefore a return is guaranteed even if you have just one winning selection. The breakdown of the bet is:

  • 4x singles
  • 6x doubles
  • 4x trebles
  • 1x fourfold

As mentioned, the appeal to this bet is that just 1 winner is required to make a return on your stake. Many horse racing punters choose to place a lucky 15, as plenty of bookmakers offer a consolation bonus if you manage just one winner of up to treble the odds of your winning selection.

Once again, the stake is totally your choice but for ease of explanation, a £1 Lucky 15 costs £15, a £2 Lucky 15 costs £30, and so on.


A patent follows the lines of a Lucky 15, but you make just 3 selections in this bet, cutting down full cover to 7 bets:

  • 3x singles
  • 3x doubles
  • 1x treble

This is also a very popular bet, and again, guarantees a return for just one winner. Full cover is just 7 bets, so many people invest a slightly higher stake to increase potential returns. A £2 Patent would cost £14.


A Trixie follows the pattern of a Yankee, again, with just 3 selections. To achieve a return on your money here you would need at least 2 of your selections to win:

  • 3x doubles
  • 1x treble

There are only 4 bets in a Trixie, making it an inexpensive bet if you keep stakes low. A Trixie bet is popular with punters that feel they have 3 banker selections that have a very good chance of winning, hence the odds being pretty low.

Other bets

The above four bets are by far the most popular options, but the list of multiple bets goes on. The aptly named ‘Heinz’ bet contains 6 selections and consists of 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 fourfolds, 6 fivefolds, and 1 sixfold.

A real bumper multiple bet, possibly the king of them all is the Goliath which consists 247 separate bets: 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, 8 sevenfolds and an eightfold accumulator.

Most bookmakers offer bonuses and consolation price boosts for these multiple bets, and here at Betoffers we will always bring you the best possible promotions on a daily basis to ensure you get a bang for your buck!